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Arrowroot powder

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Arrowroot powder (starch) is extracted from the rhizomes of plants of the following four species

  • Maranta arundinacea.
  • Curcuma angustifolia
  • Curcuma leucorrhizza
  • Curcuma pseudomontana

The rhizome is nutritionally significant and the Arrowroot starch is used as food for infants and people recovering from illness. The major medicinal use of arrowroot is in treatment of stomach and intestinal disorders including diarrhoea. It is used for the treatment of Urinary tract infections and other diseases of the genito-urinary system. Gum pain and infections are also found to be cured using arrowroot.

The starch extraction is a multi-step process. The tubers are first thoroughly cleaned and scraped and then reduced to a pulp. The pulp is then washed with water multiple times until a clear white sediment is obtained. This is then dried and the starch is obtained.

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