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Our snacks includes a wide varieties of savouries popular in Kerala like banana chips, tapioca, chips, murukku, kuzhalappom, pakkavada….Manufactured in decidedly hygienic atmosphere and with the use natural coconut oil safeguards the quality of snacks. Natural ingredients and colour makes these products delighting and healthy for consumption.

Pyaara Banana Chips Round
Pyaara Banana Chips (Honey Coated)
Pyaara Banana Chips Tangy Masala
Pyaara Tapioca Chips Tangy
Tapioca Chips (Round Salted)
Tapioca Chips Sticks (Salted)
Tapioca Chips (Boiled/ Fried) Salted
Tapioca Chips Sticks (Boiled / Fried) Chilly
Rice Murukku Round
Rice Murukku Sticks
Kerala Mixture
Bombay Mixture
Kara Sev
Madhura Sev
Pakkavada Ribbon
Pakkavada Diamond
Masala Peanuts
Masala Peanuts Coated
Jackfruit Chips
Kara Boondy

Our healthy and hygienic world of agro food products includes  Indian Rices, Arrowroot Powder, Fruit extracts (Syrups), Coconut products.. Natural ingredients and color makes these products delighting and healthy for consumption.

Desiccated Coconut powder
Sambar and Rasam Powder
Arrowroot powder
Nannari Syrup
Nutmeg Syrup
Passion fruit Syrup
Gooseberry (Amla Juice)

Our wholesome, healthy and eco friendly natural products includes Areca Leaf and Coconut products are organic, chemical free and 100% natural.

Coconut Milk Powder
Areca Plates
Virgin Coconut Oil